VIP Program

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The Best Gymnastics VIP program will be made available to all Best Gymnastics families who are enrolled in classes and sign up for auto-bill via bank draft .

Members of our Best VIP program will receive the following rewards, which are renewed each year:

  • 2 Free Best Night Outs (1 extra per additional child enrolled)

  • 1 Free Camp Session

  • 20% off Merchandise

  • $50 off a Best Gymnastics Birthday Party

  • Discounted rates on tuition and events

  • Exclusive VIP flash sales and promotions

Please know, you are only eligible to receive these perks as long as you remain enrolled in a class and will continue to receive these perks as long as your account remains on auto-bill via bank draft. VIP credits cannot be used at alternate gyms. Our bank draft system is secure, and easy to get set up! Just bring your banking information with you and our staff will get you ready to start receiving your perks in a matter of minutes!

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