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Beat the Heat Deal

Don’t let your money melt away! Take advantage of our Beat the Heat Deal! All you need to do is pay your June and July tuition together before June 8th and you will receive a huge discount! Take advantage of this deal now and you won’t have to pay tuition again until August!

All participants will receive the following:

· $20 Discount Per Family

· 1 Free Best Night Out or 2 Free Open Gyms Per Family

Going to be out of town for the summer? Don’t forget that Best Gymnastics offers unlimited make-ups for active students all year long, so if you miss a few classes over the summer, you can make them up at any time in the future.

Please give us a call at 972-874-8800 or email us at to take advantage of this special or if you have any further questions!

See you in the gym!

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